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MWA Planetary Reducer HA-090

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1. Ha series planetary reducer adopts cross roller bearing, which has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity and large bearing capacity; the bearing moment is several times of deep groove ball bearing; at the same time, this bearing is used to realize the output of both shaft and disk of a reducer, making it more convenient for users to use and replace.

2. Ha series planetary reducer adopts circular gear ring and through gear structure adopts German Vera equipment gear shaping technology to process internal gear. Its gear precision is higher than traditional gear shaping technology, and the product consistency is excellent.

3. The planetary gears used in Ha series planetary reducer are processed by inserting and rolling process of Vera equipment imported from Germany, with high precision; the surface hardness of the gears is increased to 900HV by using advanced ion nitriding technology, which makes the products have a very high service life.

4. Ha series reducer is designed with spiral gear. The gear is more smooth after profiling calculation by Japanese planetary gear software, and has the characteristics of low noise, high output torque and low backlash.

5. The input end and clamping device of the HA series planetary reducer adopt an integrated structure to ensure that the maximum clamping force acts on the motor shaft and the transmission accuracy of the reducer is zero error at high input speed.

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